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Re: Re: aspell upgrade woes

pyro@debian.org wrote:
[Actually, although it's written in C++, AFAIK it only exports a C
interface so the transition may not have been necessary.  I only
realized this yesterday though and I'm not entirely sure a
non-transition would be safe.]

Non-transition is safe and desirable if all the C++ libraries it depends on use
versioned symbols.  libstdc++ does, and apparently that's the only one libaspell
depends on.  So indeed no transition is necessary or desirable for libaspell.

(If a C++-written library exporting only a C interface depended on a C++ library which
had unversioned symbols (whew!), then a transition might be neccesary, but I'm not
sure; if that case ever comes up, it's worth extra analysis.)

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