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Re: RFS: libssh - SSH and SCP library

> > > That said, I think too we should favor libgcrypt, because it has a
> > > lighter security record.
> > 
> >   I mailed him about that and SONAME versionning.
> I got his reply. As Junichi thought, he doesn't know about SONAME
> versionning. I pointed to him chapter 6 of the libtool manual.
> He said he's only using "basic cryptographic stuff from libcrypto,
> which are less likely to have security problems." As he has been
> approved by google's "Summer of Code", the next two months' work will
> only be functionnality adds. Changing cryptographic library is not a
> priority, but at queue of the TODO.

You could do that kind of dirty work for him;
I think that's essential for inclusion into Debian archive.
Here's a link to a related work I've done before, which might
be helpful:



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