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RFS: libssh - SSH and SCP library

Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a sponsor for the libssh package :

* Package name    : libssh
  Version         : 0.11
  Upstream Author : "Aris Adamantiadis" <aris@0xbadc0de.be>
* URL             : http://www.0xbadc0de.be/?part=libssh
* License         : LGPL
  Description     : SSH and SCP library

  The ssh library was designed to be used by programmers needing a
  working SSH implementation by the mean of a library. The complete
  control of the client is made by the programmer.
  With libssh, you can remotely execute programs, transfer files, use a
  secure and transparent tunnel for your remote programs. With its
  Secure FTP implementation, you can play with remote files easily,
  without third-party programs others than libcrypto

The package can be downloaded at http://dgnr.free.fr/repository, or
with apt-get with "deb http://dgnr.free.fr/ repository/"

Jean-Philippe Garcia Ballester

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