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Re: Package priorities: optional vs extra

Peter Samuelson wrote:
>In practice, 'extra' is mainly used when Policy forces you to use it:
>that is, if your package conflicts with another package which has
>priority optional or higher
The really sad part is that *this* isn't enforced; there are lots of 
"optional" packages which conflict with each other.

>Probably the best solution is to change Policy to say that 'optional'
>and 'extra' mean exactly the same thing, and remove the requirement
>that all 'optional' packages be able to coexist.

Unless someone is willing to actually enforce the requirement that all 
optional packages can coexist, this will be necessary to make Policy conform 
with reality.

Personally, I rather like the idea that all optional packages can coexist, but 
it isn't anywhere near true right now.

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