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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

* Eric Dorland 

| * Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen@err.no) wrote:
| > * Eric Dorland 
| > 
| > | BTW, any Ubuntu developers care to comment? I'm interested in second
| > | opinions and how you guys are handling this situation? Did you accept
| > | an arrangement with MoFo? 
| > 
| > We've been in touch with them and have currently renamed the
| > mozilla-firefox package to firefox.  The same thing is going to happen
| > to mozilla-thunderbird once I get around to it.  We are unsure about
| > the downstream namechange requirement, but not having firefox in there
| > would be bad.  So, a bit undecided at the moment.
| Thanks for answering. We may end up having to do the mozilla-firefox
| -> firefox rename too if we keep the name too. Is Ubuntu concerned
| about MoFo's trademark policy? Did Ubuntu make a similar arrangement
| with MoFo that we're being offered? 

Sorry for being late answering this.  I've been out travelling and
slightly out of touch with my email.

Yes, we're concerned about how to handle the trademark policy,
especially given our focus on derived distributions.  At the moment, I
don't think anybody has actually sat down and decided anything as we
are interested in what Debian decides to do.  We have a current
understanding with MoFo that we're respecting their trademarks and
transitioning to something which is within the bounds of what they
allow to.

| As an aside (I should probably just look) but are you guys using their
| official logo? 


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