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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

* Eric Dorland 

| BTW, any Ubuntu developers care to comment? I'm interested in second
| opinions and how you guys are handling this situation? Did you accept
| an arrangement with MoFo? 

We've been in touch with them and have currently renamed the
mozilla-firefox package to firefox.  The same thing is going to happen
to mozilla-thunderbird once I get around to it.  We are unsure about
the downstream namechange requirement, but not having firefox in there
would be bad.  So, a bit undecided at the moment.

I wonder if we (as in Debian) could get the Mozilla Foundation to
agree that in addition to the terms provided earlier in this thread
our downstreams get an automatic trademark licence (a Community
Edition Licence) which can be revoked if they misrepresent or
misbehave.  Given that the Mozilla Foundation are fairly happy with
the quality we are providing and most downstreams would inherit that
quality this could be acceptable to them.

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