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Re: Debian concordance

Scott James Remnant wrote:
> Walking up to a "man on the street", if anything, you'll find Debian has
> a far worse reputation than RPM and RedHat-derived distributions.  The
> general feeling is that third-party RPMs will almost always install on
> any system, while third-party .debs are practically useless.

That's strange, this is not the impression I've gotten from ten years of
reading the debian-user mailing list, participating in Linux and Debian
user groups, or hearing people discuss services such as backports.org
and apt-get.org, or from using them myself.

> A definitive example would be the (eventually abandoned) attempt by
> Ximian to provide debs for Helix GNOME.

Didn't that have more to do with it being experimental, rather flakey,
and conflicting badly with the gnome stuff in Debian?

see shy jo

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