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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

On 6/18/05, Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org> wrote:
> You're skipping the crucial point here. Under the publicly available
> licenses/policies, we *cannot* call it Firefox. The MoFo is offering
> us an agreement that allows us to use the mark. I think agreeing to
> this is against the spirit of DFSG #8, and sets a bad precedent
> (speaking of precedents, have we ever made such an agreement before to
> use a trademark?).

I don't think so.  Basically, as far as I know Debian hasn't coped yet
with any of the foreseeable trademark problems, from Linux to MySQL. 
But as I think I have mentioned, the approach under discussion for the
Mozilla trademarks is about the most free-software-friendly tactic I
can imagine that still more or less preserves the legal forms.  (Other
people may have better imaginations than mine.  :-)

With that said, I definitely think that an actual IP lawyer with a
specialty in trademark should review the "memorandum of trademark
safety zone" in its final form in order to keep the risk of unintended
consequences down to a low roar.  If you are not unalterably opposed
to a "trust but verify" stance towards MoFo and DFSG #8, perhaps you
could ask Gervase what exactly is on offer at this point, and run it
past SPI's counsel before making any commitments.

- Michael

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