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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

El mar, 14-06-2005 a las 15:12 -0400, Eric Dorland escribió:
> > Let's say we call it mozilla-firefox (assuming we are allowed to in the
> > first place) and downstream (making some modifications) is not allowed
> > to call it mozilla-firefox. If we call it debian-firefox then downstream
> > is still not allowed (under the same conditions) to call it
> > mozilla-firefox. The difference is not that huge to me. (but naming the
> > package just firefox seems to me like a good idea in the first
> > place)
> The difference is we have perhaps compromised our principles to keep
> calling it Firefox.
> BTW, don't be fooled into thinking we'll be able to call it
> debian-firefox. If we have to rename it will not be able to include
> the string "firefox" anywhere in that name. 

 Then rename it to firebitch and make a campaing on WSJ to let people
know about the new software? How is then people going to get the
software? I cannot install anything that I don't know how to it is
named. I even cannot search for it... or are we going to call it "the
browser before known as firefox"?

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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