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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

El Miércoles 15 Junio 2005 03:00, Eric Dorland escribió:
> * Marco d'Itri (md@Linux.IT) wrote:
> > It's an important part in evaluating the balance between the priorities
> > of our users and free software...
> And where do we strike that balance in this case? I think gaining more
> freedom for our users is the best thing in the long run. Sure, there
> will be shorter term pain, but we need to take the long view.

There would be a long term pain if we change, not short term.
Because we will be always receiving new users from *the rest of the world* 
where Firefox is called... Firefox.
(I hope we will be always receiving new users... otherwise it means that we 
are dead...).

And now answering straight to your original question:
Yes, I think we can accept the Mozilla offer. It has been told before. 
Trademarks are not code. DSFG #4 supports this.
If someone wants to redistribute Debian, they should check about trademarks 
and patents issues. This has nothing to do with the freedom of the code.
What happens if tomorrow I start redistributing a modifyed Debian version 
(only bugfixes; of course, I will decide what bugs are for me...) and I call 
it "Debian GNU/Linux Sarge 3.1"?
Will I have a trademark issue with SPI?
Ohh, we can't accept this for Firefox but we can accept it for Debian 
itself... very nice.



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