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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

I've only been skimming this thread, so I fear this may have been
said.  What about:

 1) rebrand mozilla-firefox
 2) create a permanent "transition package" with the firefox name
    that depends on it
 3) use alternatives to provide /usr/bin/firefox

The description of the transition package should briefly explain
what is happening, that the transition package merely depends on
a rebranded/forked version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
This way, you are using the TM term to refer to the correct
product but substituting a rebrand seemlessly (without the
kind of confusion that would run you afoul of TM law).

Someone on debian-legal would have to consider whether having a
binary named firefox is enough to create an issue.  If it is, then
I am happy to retract the suggestion.


Don Bindner <dbindner@truman.edu>

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