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Re: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages

On Friday 17 June 2005 12:10, Sam Watkins wrote:

> some of these packages are useful and interesting, and I feel they
> should not be removed from unstable at least.  perhaps they could be
> moved to a different section which is not necessarily stabilized for
> release.


> I used rtf2latex myself only 5 minutes ago before reading this message
> in which you propose to remove it!  and I think boust is cool.

Would you consider maintaining them? Or persuading someone you know to 
maintain them?

Without a maintainer they may become unbuildable, contain security flaws or 
break installation of other unrelated software. Someone has to fix these 
issues and if the QA team are the only ones caring for the package they have 
the right to ask for the packages removal.

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