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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Le jeudi 16 juin 2005 à 01:03 -0400, Eric Dorland a écrit :
> > The Mozilla Foundation have made many shows of good faith via Gervase in
> > this long running debate which he has continued to follow despite the
> > criticisms levelled at him/the Mozilla Foundation.  Obviously if they
> > turn around in the future and say "oh we hate your blah patch you can't
> > use the name" then we can /then/ make it a big issue and change the name
> > to iceweasel and be happy.  I honestly think this is unlikely though and
> > to do so now would be not only be premature but be harmful to users and
> > your/the project's relationship with Mozilla.
> Well actually to some degree they've already done this. Recently the
> CAcert  (www.cacert.org) project's root CA made it into our
> ca-certificates package. However I can't have Firefox use that as a
> root CA by default and still use the trademark:
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.security.cacert/2752
> This seems like a pretty unacceptable to me.

Given the trademark license, you can just add the CA-Cert and wait until
MoFo complains to you... if they decide to complain !

Another approach (which would be more respectful to MoFo) would be to
ask them to add the CA certificate into upstream's list of trusted CA so
that the whole issue becomes a non-issue for us. We're all reasonable
people, if we add that CA cert it's because we trust them. Given our
track of security consciousness I see no reason why MoFo wouldn't trust
what we trust (that's even the reason why they made an exceptin).

Third approach is to ask again for an exception concerning this change.

Choose whatever you prefer. In any case it doesn't change anything to
the status of the software ... Firefox with its original name is free
software and should be included as-is within Debian.

Furthermore I'm sure that you can avoid that problem by using a debconf
question: "Do you want to add the CA certs contained in CA-certificates
in the list of CA trusted by Firefox ?"

We don't change the list of CA certs but we're letting the user change
it on his own machine. And I suppose that this has always been
possible... (it was just more difficult for the user)

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