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Re: Bug#312669: /sbin/ifconfig: Add ifconfig to user path

Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> writes:
> Richard Kettlewell dijo [Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 03:42:01PM +0100]:

>> I think it doesn't go far enough.
>>   mv sbin/* bin
>>   rmdir sbin
>>   ln -s bin sbin
>> ...and the problem goes away forever.
> You type too fast.
> Are you _sure_ no two Debian packages provide overlapping /bin/$that
> and /sbin/$that ? Or /usr/bin/$foo and /usr/sbin/$foo ? Or (going back
> some flamewars^Wweeks) /bin/$bleh and /usr/bin/$bleh ? ...Or,
> mix-and-match, /sbin/$this and /usr/bin/$this?

There are some examples of symlinks between bin and sbin, presumably
to work around the existing sbin braindamage.  /sbin/ip -> /bin/ip,
for instance.  Not hard to cope with when you make the transition and
for the longer term, dpkg could probably be taught to handle this case

If there's a case where you have /bin/foo and /sbin/foo actually
meaning something different then that's plainly a bug in at least one
of them, if not both, and needs fixing regardless.


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