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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

* Jonas Meurer (jonas@freesources.org) [050615 12:48]:
> all we can discuss are principles, not particular situations. if we
> decide how to behave in every particular situation, we will have very
> inconsistent licences, copyrights, whatsoever in the archive.

Fine. And we also agree that the basis for that is the DFSG? If so,
where does the DFSG speak about trademarks at all?

The license of firefox is DFSG free. There is no discussion about.

That doesn't mean that I personally like every usage of Trademarks. But
- there is exactly no reason to rename firefox right now.

> i guess, the only way to not compromise one of the two DFSG paragraphs
> is to rename firefox packages.

Hello? How is the license of firefox changed at all whether I call it
firefox or something else? Please don't confuse firefox's license and
the trademark policy - which are two distinct things.


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