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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!

On Wed, 08 Jun 2005, Javier Fern?ndez-Sanguino Pe?a wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 02:17:46PM -0400, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> > Is that not the purpose of single user mode or run level 1?
> Consider this ficticious scenario: if the "frozen system due to X
> misconfiguration" had been my parent's and they have had an option
> to "boot with no X" then I could have been able to ask them to start
> up their system with that option and diagnost it from my home
> instead of driving to my parent's to fix the issue on console.

There's nothing stoping you from creating a runlevel that doesn't load
your display manager, or doesn't run some daemon. That's what the
flexibility of not having defined runlevels grants you.

Furthermore, it's not like you couldn't trivially disable the DM from
init1 (echo "false" >/etc/X11/default-display-manager or similar) then
telinit 3; or whatever.
> Yes, most people with Debian experience could work around this but
> it's way beyond most desktop users that don't know what init.d is.

These people probably won't be able to operate the console anyway, so
a non-X startup isn't going to help them much.

Don Armstrong

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