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Re: libselinux1 - required

* Nigel Jones 

| Hmmm, I can see your point, BUT, if a user is not going to use selinux
| at all, then what is the use of downloading extra dependencies that
| you don't need.  I thought that a feature of APT was that it makes you
| only download the libraries that you need/use.

Yes, and coreutils is still linked to libselinux1 even if you don't
use the SELinux functions.  ATM, it looks like libselinux1 is a
whopping 132 kbytes.

| Anyway, just my two cents.  Personally, I'm going to continue to build
| my own kernels, just be an annoyance to have to build my own coreutils
| etc to make sure code that I don't need isn't there.  (Because really,
| it is a bit hard on the Dial Up users (not really complaining, just
| saying that downloading stuff that your never going to use is a bit of
| a pain)).

If you only want to link your binaries to libraries and features
you're actively going to use, I think either using apt-src heavily or
moving to gentoo would be better options for you.  Debian is
distributing binaries which usually have most options turned on and I
don't foresee that changing.

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