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Where to put XML Application Files in UNIX File Hierarchy?

Dear Debian Developers,

we are planning to update our CYBOP Debian packages. CYBOP contains
the XML-based language CYBOL and its interpreter CYBOI, written in C:
CYBOL applications are pure XML; binaries do not exist.
They are run "live" by CYBOI, which interprets them.
In other words, CYBOL files are the source + executable + configuration
of an application, at the same time, all in one.

My questions:

1 Where best to place CYBOL application files in the UNIX file hierarchy?
I thought about /usr/share, but may be /usr/lib suits better or what else?

2 What about CYBOL libraries (containing graphical components, for example)?
They are pure XML, too. To /usr/lib or better to /usr/share?

Links: http://www.cybop.net/ http://cybop.berlios.de/
Please put my email address to your reply; I'm not in the list.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

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