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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 09:19:06AM -0700, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> The fact is that Ubuntu has proactively contributed a lot of code back to
> Debian, much more than most Debian derivatives have.  I see no reason why
> claims that Ubuntu is not doing _enough_, or making it easy _enough_ for
> Debian to merge its work pales in contrast to the fact that many other
> organizations have done, and are doing, nothing whatsoever in this regard.

Because Ubuntu makes a lot of noise about being a good community member and
contributing back as much as possible, while most other derivatives just
take what they want quietly and disappear into the mist.

Between some slightly screwy policies ("thou shalt not post patches to the
Debian BTS, merely link to them", for instance), the development of
proprietary software supposedly in support of Free Software goals
(Malone/Launchpad), and a perceived "muscling in" on Debian's traditional
turf (Community developed/supported Linux distribution), surely you can
understand where some of the defensiveness is coming from?

- Matt

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