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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!

Frans Pop wrote:
> This sounds like a good idea, but will need very careful logic.
> For instance, some older (APM-based) Toshiba laptops work well with the 
> toshiba module and the toshset package where newer (ACPI-based) laptops 
> need the toshiba-acpi module which does not work with toshset.
> I would suspect that similar distinctions exist for other makes.

If installing both packages is a problem on some machines, we would need
to either fix the package to not do evil things on unsupported hardware,
or or have two tasks.

> > I'm interested in other ideas for automatic selection of default tasks.
> One thing I feel is currently missing is to show users which tasks have 
> been automatically selected and the option to deselect them (maybe only 
> at medium or lower priority).

Tasksel supports this (not based on priority though); we just currently
hide the language tasks to keep the task list sane.

> Which brings me to another pet wish: make it a lot easier to install at 
> medium priority than currently.
> IMO there is a real use for medium priority:
> - experienced users now often choose expert and get confused by some of
>   the informational dialogs (especially the "unavailable drivers" one)
> - for users installing for the first time the "no dhcp" boot option and
>   such are not really obvious, medium priority can be used to offer
>   useful freedom in a structured way keeping expert for difficult hardware

I agree, except I'd just as soon see these changes apply to expert mode

see shy jo

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