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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> [ Installation improvements ] 
> - Firewall configuration during installation (ala Fedora Core or SuSE):
>   module for d-i. Currently, the system is exposed just during installation
>   on some systems (empty root password?)

This has not really been discussed on debian-boot, but one of my
personal goals for a d-i improvement for etch is that the whole system
installation takes place in d-i, there is no separate base-config stage
and you boot straight from d-i into your installed desktop system (or

This solves your problem fairly well, since the issue then becomes only
keeping d-i secure and keeping the installed system secure, not keeping
the system secure while it's installing itself. Daemons will not be
started dueing the installation, and will come up on reboot.

Some kind of firewall task would probably complete what you're looking
for here, so the installed system boots up with a complete firewall in

> - Reduced standard installation (no gcc or development tools!, see 
>   #301138 or #301273)

Absolutely going to happen, but probably not in the the way most
commonly mentioned in these bug reports. I will acept patches to tasksel
that make it offer a "Standard system" task, that is selected by default
and can be de-selected. If noone sends patches, I'll get around to it
eventually, I suppose.

> - More "tasks" (grouped packages) for installation: automatic detection
>   of user needs and automatic task selection?

Planned, and ground already laid in tasksel (and indeed, it does do it
for some easy things like language tasks). One thing I really want to
see happen is a laptop task. The big missing peice is some simple
program tasksel can call out to, like

if this_is_a_laptop; then

This should use whatever hardware probing works best for laptops.

I'm interested in other ideas for automatic selection of default tasks.

> - Hardware changes detection: system detects after a reboot when
>   a new SVGA card, new Ethernet card, etc. has been installed and prompts
>   for new confguration.

As long as this is in a package that can be purged and/or argued over
heatedly about whether it should be installed by default. :-) In other
words, not wanted on any machine I touch.

see shy jo

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