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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

Colin Watson wrote:
> I may start doing so for at least some things, as it would make merging
> easier; /people/cjwatson/automount/ is there as a start (though that's
> more experimental than Ubuntu-specific).

If you want to switch that to branches/ubuntu or something eventually, I
think that would be fine.

> I suspect that once we've got to the point where the Ubuntu-specific
> changes are on average more along the lines of handling different
> archive layouts than insanely voluminous translation changes, I'll feel
> less like I'm bloating the d-i repository up with stuff that doesn't
> benefit Debian by committing it there.

OTOH, disk space is cheap, and commits to certian paths can even be
filtered if they become too obnoxious.

see shy jo

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