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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

heard of Knoppix, Morphix,
They do not provide an apt-get - able Debian mirror.

They provide free software in .deb format.
Not really - as far as you don't consider dpkg-repack they do not
really, but we could spent our time better than just splittig hairs.

As far as I know, the interesting extensions that Knoppix adds to Debian are
still not integrated into Debian, nor are ITPs filed, nor patches filed in
the BTS, despite repeated discussions about this over the past several
years.  There is an Alioth project which has no activity.  Have I missed
some new development in this area?  You seem to imply that you had some
Well, this project here is completely irrelevant and does not have
the goal to move single packages of Knoppix but tho generate a live
CD completely out of the Debian mirror.  This at first needs that
all external software which is needed will be moved to Debian mirror.
It is not your fault if you did not noticed that I did a certain (even
if small part in this direction) when I filed RFPs and sponsored some
packages.  My intention was to give arguments that I'm busy to try
to enforce cooperation of this kind of projects.  I will not spend my
time in providing even links just to make you believe me.  Just
imagine that I did nothing if it helps you.

I think it is more than time that I stop posting to this thread
because those who were willing to understand what I wrote seemed
to did so - others will not convinced anyway.

Kind regards



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