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Re: Example where testing-security was used?

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:

> In any case, given the number of prospective ports waiting in the
> wings, 11 is probably a roughly correct estimate even if we *do* drop
> some architectures.

Speaking of prospective ports, what would be the feasibility of keeping
testing frozen after sarge releases, do whatever toolchain updates are
needed to support amd64 via t-p-u, and release etch as a "sarge+amd64"
release in, say, 3 months?

The rationale is that amd64 would be immediately useful whereas other
architectures like s390x or whatever other port we plan to support can
probably wait the 2+ years before the next release...

(I don't know if it's possible to add an architecture without having all
binaries go through unstable first so the idea is probably doomed, but
it certainly appeals.)

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