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Re: new cogito package, OpenSSL license issue resolved

Andres Salomon <dilinger@athenacr.com> wrote:
> For people trying this out, Zach Brown wrote some excellent
> documentation [1].  It would be nice to see this end up in the debian
> packages.

I'm hoping the upstream maintainer (Pasky) will pick up that patch.
If he doesnt in the next several days, I'll consider adding Zack Brown's
updated README alongside the official upstream README.

> If you need a sponsor for this, let me know; I'd like to see it in
> debian sooner rather than later.

I appreciate the offer, but it's already in Sid!  Anibal Monsalve Salazar
is sponsoring it.

Sid currently has version 0.10+20050513-2, but there's a newer version
in the queue (0.10+20050515-2).

Sebastian Kuzminsky

    "Marie will know I'm headed south, so's to meet me by and by"
    Townes Van Zandt

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