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new cogito package, OpenSSL license issue resolved

I've updated the Cogito package to compile against the upstream-included
GPL SHA1 implementation lifted from Mozilla, instead of the (possibly)
GPL-incompatible OpenSSL code.  Thanks to Florian Weimer and Anibal
Monsalve Salazar for bringing this issue to my attention.  I have a
terrible head for this kind of legal stuff, "can't we all just get
the code?"

This is the last issue I know of keeping this package out of the Debian
archives.  Yay!  There's still the manpage issue, but I expect it will
be resolved upstream in the next few days.

The latest version (0.10+20050513-2) can be downloaded from here:


Or apt-getted from here:

    # Seb's packages from highlab.com
    deb     http://highlab.com/~seb/debian /
    deb-src http://highlab.com/~seb/debian /


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