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Re: Status of PHP5?

On 10270 March 1977, Piotr Roszatycki wrote:

> * easy way to manage the patches
> * easy way to generate the packages for different Debian suites - 
> experimental/sid/sarge/woody - from one source (ifdef..else..endif)
> * simple includes with macros so I don't need to write the same code 40 times 
> for each module (for build/installation/control scripts)

Its a tool where everything is written in one file, and then something
generates the debian/ out of it. I cant see how that should be good, sorry.
The feature to generate stuff for different suites isnt that important -
we package for unstable (and sometimes for experimental), *nearly* never
for stable or testing directly. So this is a 0 pointer.

Simple includes - ever heard of Makefile targets? Yes, 2 different
targets like build/binary-all can depend on the same target to do stuff.
And for the shellscripts to be run on users system: write one with
common tasks in it in functions, include that whenever you need it and
call the functions...

So, it may make *your* life easier, as one author of it, dont think that
everyone else may like it.

> Yes, I know the better tool. It is RPM but we are Debian world and I don't see 
> any better than YADA for Debian, yet.

Switch to an rpm based one?
Better tools for such big, popular packages are any tools that are
widely used and as such known to many people.
Like debhelper or cdbs.

> I don't understand why it might be a reason for rejecting the packages. At 
> least somebody could convert it to the other system AFTER releasing 
> YADA-based packages.

Experience shows that it is easy to get a change down BEFORE you accept
a package. After you accepted some/most/many/... maintainers dont
care much. "Hell, its in, shut up".

bye Joerg
>From a NM after doing the license stuff:
I am glad that I am not a lawyer!  What a miserable way to earn a living.

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