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Re: Status of PHP5?

On 10270 March 1977, Piotr Roszatycki wrote:

> 1. The ftpmaster was a member of pkg-php project, he boycotts my work and 
> don't offer something else.

Im not a member of the php project and I would have rejected it too, I
dont think it has anything todo with jvw beeing intrested in php stuff...

I cant see much coordination with existing php maintainer(s). As far as I
know they/he informed you about the project on alioth.

And then there is this yada packaging you used.
Nothing against it, whoever wants it can use it[1] - but for such a popular
package that probably will receive a lot of help from different people
this is IMO the worst thing ever to choose.
Something that is known to many,like debhelper, cdbs, whatever is for
sure the better thing to use.

[1] No flamewar against it intended.

bye Joerg
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