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Re: Status of PHP5?

On Monday 25 of April 2005 19:57, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> I cant see much coordination with existing php maintainer(s). As far as I
> know they/he informed you about the project on alioth.

Where is mailing list, the home page for the project, the CVS or SVN 
repository? I was sent to /dev/null.

> And then there is this yada packaging you used.
> Nothing against it, whoever wants it can use it[1] - but for such a popular
> package that probably will receive a lot of help from different people
> this is IMO the worst thing ever to choose.
> Something that is known to many,like debhelper, cdbs, whatever is for
> sure the better thing to use.
> [1] No flamewar against it intended.

Do you know the system which gives me:

* easy way to manage the patches
* easy way to generate the packages for different Debian suites - 
experimental/sid/sarge/woody - from one source (ifdef..else..endif)
* simple includes with macros so I don't need to write the same code 40 times 
for each module (for build/installation/control scripts)

The people just use the php5 package and modifies it on they own. They are 
sysadmins, not Debian developers. I've some emails about that.

Yes, I know the better tool. It is RPM but we are Debian world and I don't see 
any better than YADA for Debian, yet.

I don't understand why it might be a reason for rejecting the packages. At 
least somebody could convert it to the other system AFTER releasing 
YADA-based packages.

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