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Re: intend-to-implement: script to obtain Debian Source

Scribit Lars Wirzenius dies 06/04/2005 hora 21:34:
> > I don't find it very sane to be forced to deliberately trigger
> > problems on the user's system to find bugs.
> I assume the goal is to make it fail on the developer's system, on
> build daemons, whenever random developers unpack the package

If it is random, there could be only one or two combinations that fail
and dozens (or far more, FWIW) that work well without anyone noticing
anything. Remember that when it can go wrong, it will at the worst
moment; that is, for us, on the user's system (and for the source point
of view, random developers should be considered users). The maintainer
and the buildds count only for a bit more than a dozen unpackings, for
now, if I understand correctly how buildds work...

> The point is to make it as likely as possible to make it break, if it
> breaks at all, so that when the user sees the package, it is already
> non-broken.

That's the very purpose of a test suite! But that one doesn't rely on
the randomness of the apparition of a bug, but makes *everything* that
is possible to make it visible.

-1 random
+2 lintian

Why use a suboptimal solution when an optimal one is available?

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