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Re: intend-to-implement: script to obtain Debian Source

Scribit Steve Greenland dies 04/04/2005 hora 07:15:
> > - what problems do thsi random order could weed?
> Unnoted dependencies that just happen to be fulfilled due to a
> consistent (though arbitrary) application order. By applying in a
> different order each time, you should trigger an error fairly quickly.

I don't find it very sane to be forced to deliberately trigger problems
on the user's system to find bugs.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate in a package testing tool? Maybe
lintian, with a test of all combinations of independant patches (or a
more intelligent subset) to see if something fails.

When I unpack a source, I don't want it to fail to help a careless
maintainer to find the flaws in one's packaging...

> > - won't it be more difficult to trakcs bugs if it isn't predictable?
> If you get an error during the patching process, it should be fairly
> easy to determine that it's an un-marked dependency, and then find it
> by hand.

That's what you think. I'm not so sure.

> You can also impose arbitrary dependencies among your supposedly
> "independent" patches until you find the troublesome combination.

Urgh. Are you doing computer science or cooking? Couldn't the
application write somewhere the order of the patch that it just used?!

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