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Re: intend-to-implement: script to obtain Debian Source

ke, 2005-04-06 kello 19:31 +0200, Pierre THIERRY kirjoitti:
> Scribit Steve Greenland dies 04/04/2005 hora 07:15:
> > > - what problems do thsi random order could weed?
> > Unnoted dependencies that just happen to be fulfilled due to a
> > consistent (though arbitrary) application order. By applying in a
> > different order each time, you should trigger an error fairly quickly.
> I don't find it very sane to be forced to deliberately trigger problems
> on the user's system to find bugs.

I assume the goal is to make it fail on the developer's system, on
build daemons, whenever random developers unpack the package (to, for
examples, fix bugs in it), and only at the last phase on the user's
system. The point is to make it as likely as possible to make it 
break, if it breaks at all, so that when the user sees the package,
it is already non-broken.

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