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Re: Idea: about package installation under chroot.

Well, just reporting that this whole instructive interchange resulted in
my using in the remote-boot nodes of our clusters the policy-rc.d script

test -x /sbin/runlevel || exit 101
if [ "`/sbin/runlevel`" == "unknown" ] ; then
    exit 101
exit 0

It solved the problem with rwhod in Sarge, but not in Woody, because the
package's scripts do not use invoke-rc.d in that case. The runlevel gets
undefined inside the chroot shell because I mask the /var/run directory,
mounting an empty directory over it. This mount is playing the role of a
"flag file" in order to momentarily prevent the daemons from starting.

The use of this policy-rc.d script is made necessary by the fact that the
program invoke-rc.d seems to default to allowing the scripts to start and
stop daemons when the runlevel is undefined. I find this a bit odd, seems
to me that it would be more natural for it to default the other way.

In case anyone in interested in the clusters of diskless X11 terminals in
which this issue came up, I am posting in the following message a copy of
an announcement I sent to the debian-user list a few days ago pointing to
the web pages about the cluster tool packages.

Thank you all for your help!				Cheers,

        Jorge L. deLyra,  Associate Professor of Physics
            The University of Sao Paulo,  IFUSP-DFMA
       For more information: finger delyra@latt.if.usp.br

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