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Re: Policy for devfs support

On Sat, 26 Mar 2005, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Is there a project-wide policy for support for devfs (and devfs-style,
> e.g. udev devfs.rules) device naming?

Do it if you can. It is not mandated anywhere, but it is clearly a very good
idea.  We should even make it a *may* in policy to stress this, I suppose.
Most maintainers (AFAIK) have been slowly changing their packages to support
devfs-like naming schemes or user-configurable naming of devices (which is
even better).

> I'm asking because of obstruction (from upstream) regarding the
> application of a simple patch to allow yaboot to support it:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=300950
> If there was a definite policy of supporting it (or not), this would
> be easier.  As it stands, the tool is not properly functional on devfs
> systems.  Since we should aim to support a well-integrated system, I'm
> not happy that folks can deliberately obstruct furthering the
> integration of the system.

They cannot.  You can override upstream on this with a clear conscience, it
*is* on the role-call of the downstream maintainer to tweak things like
this, and we do it all the time.

But let me suggest you a better, much more friendly solution:

Enhance the program so that it can be configured to use the first sucessfull
open of a *list* of user-supplied devices (or, if that is too intrusive, to
support a single user-configured device, and add a shell wrapper that tries
to detect which device to use, like I did with rng-tools in sid (see its

Make the hardcoded default be /dev/nvram, of course.

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