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Re: Bits (Nybbles?) from the Vancouver release team meeting

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Ingo Juergensmann <ij@2005.bluespice.org> wrote:

>> Moreover, the criterias given in your mail are just so oriented
>> towards/against some architectures, that it's a bad joke (I was going
>> to write "disgusting", really).
> It's a total change of direction: from "as long as there are people who
> care, we will release those arch" to "no matter if there are people who
> care, we just release mainstream archs". :-(

Yes, this is a shame, moreover this is absolutely against all the
principles of the Project. A few people are dictating what to do next,
and that's just not how Debian works.

You'll figure out that the timing for this new policy is absolutely
perfect; we're a week away from the voting period for the new DPL
term. The current DPL can't (and won't, obviously) do anything about
it, and the candidates signed the proposal. I should add that the
Vancouver meeting was announced at the very last minute, too. And I'm
wondering, who paid for the travel expenses ? Did the people involved
pay out of their own pocket ? Did the Project pay ? Did somebody else
pay the bill ?
>> I joined the Project because there was no core team to decide what was
>> to be done in an authoritative manner. Today, we have such a core
>> team, and I'm not sure I agree with that anymore (some would rather
>> say it's a cabal, well, their call).
> And yet no chance to replace the cabal nor elect other people instead of
> them, which is more like a problem for the project than just a few archs,
> imho. 

We can.

I hereby ask the people involved in this proposal to step down
immediately from their positions in the Project. You've violated a
couple of rules already, and you've violated the spirit of this

>> Congrats, folks, you've got what you've been after for several years
>> now. Great job. "Doorstop architectures", EXIT this way  ---> []
> This proposal is really doing harm to Debians good reputation and I'm not
> sure if Debian is surviving this at all. 

It will. It just doesn't have to happen. Our call; we're the ones
making Debian, they're not.


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