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Re: d-i has 99% support for filesystem labels (was: Re: Serious kernel problems on new i386 hardware)

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Andrew Pollock wrote:

Sorry, I do not know anything about partition labels but if this is
the solution it should be done in the installer and if this works in
Grub menu.lst this should be done here as well.

I gave some of the relevant people in the d-i team an education on the
benefits of filesystem labels, to to the point where partman will create
filesystems with a label, however I didn't manage to convince them to mount
by the label in /etc/fstab
Well, may be it sounds convincible to file RC bugs for beeing left with
an unbootable system on SATA machines?  But I did not tried with RC3
candidates and I will not have the chance to do this installation
tests with my main working horse ...

Kind regards



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