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Re: Shouldn't kernel-image-2.6.x-y-z depend on alsa-base ?

On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 20:40:40 +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Actually, the proposed solution that raised some approval was to split
> out the ALSA modules, just like the pcmcia modules.

I raised this idea on #debian-kernel and it was shot down.[0]


As one of the ALSA maintainers, I have done what I can about this problem.
 People who want to use ALSA can install alsa-base which blacklists OSS

If a fresh sarge/2.6 system lacks alsa-base then this would seem to be a
problem because in that case nothing enforces the mutual exclusion of OSS
and ALSA modules.   If linux26 doesn't install alsa-base then perhaps it
should do so.   Even better, possibly, would be to give the user a choice
between OSS and ALSA: if the user chooses ALSA then she gets alsa-base;
if she chooses OSS then she gets the (currently nonexistent) "oss" package
which blacklists ALSA modules.

Thomas Hood

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