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Re: Shouldn't kernel-image-2.6.x-y-z depend on alsa-base ?

Le lundi 07 mars 2005 à 12:53 -0600, Steve Greenland a écrit :
> On 07-Mar-05, 11:06 (CST), Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> wrote: 
> > And the workaround we use for this bug is to blacklist one module when
> > two of them provide the same functionality. The blacklists are in the
> > alsa-base package, which should then be installed when ALSA modules are
> > present.
> Why are the blacklists not in hotplug and/or discover, where the real
> problem is? This is a serious question: Is there some reason that having
> a module in the blacklist would cause a problem if the module wasn't
> actually present?

Well, if you blacklist the OSS modules, you won't get any sound with a
2.4 kernel, as ALSA modules aren't installed by default in this case.

> I a little concerned that we've worked around to a situation where
> having the kernel require audio packages is seen a legitimate
> solution...

Actually, the proposed solution that raised some approval was to split
out the ALSA modules, just like the pcmcia modules.
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