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Re: dehs will stop

su, 2005-03-06 kello 21:09 +0100, Thiemo Seufer kirjoitti:
> We don't talk about automated bug filing here.

We're talking about filing over 6000 bugs for watch files. It may not be
automated, but it is mass-filing. It doesn't matter if it takes weeks or
months, it is still not a good idea. That is what I am primarily
objecting to, and what I understand Jeroen also to be objecting to.

Since there is no consensus, as far as I can see, that putting watch
files into packages is a good thing, mass-filing bugs is a really bad

>  If somebody writes
> patches to fix (valid) lintian problems it is IMHO clearly legitimate
> to file that as a wishlist bug. Of course there are bogus Lintian
> triggers, this needs to be taken into account.

Fixing packages one by one is not mass-filing bugs.

> Why would it be impossible for the maintainer to update the watchfile
> in his package?

Getting the updated package into stable is the point.

> And, just to point out the obvious, watch files are supposed to help
> with development of new versions of a package. There's simply no point
> to care about them aside from the one in the newest package.

Packages in stable may be missing from unstable, or have a different
name in unstable.

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