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Re: dehs will stop

[Why to cc on policy? Cut]

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 03:32:30AM +0100, Bluefuture wrote:

> >If people don't care as much about this as you think they should,
> >perhaps it would be a good idea to try explaining why they *should*
> >care, instead of just lamenting their lack of a telepathic
> >understanding of your intentions?
> This is not true. Had u tried to do a search about dehs/watch on
> debian-devel about 2004/2005? 

I didn't. Just change the content of this mail into one of the pages of your
site, and you're set.

> I'm not a debian developer, so i could not post on dda mailing list. I
> had opened many thread over this months on debian-qa debian-devel about
> dehs issues. The only reply are:
> 1) Dehs is useless.
> 2) Submitting 6229 wishlist bug is not possible/is not the solution
> (without proposing alternatives method)
> I had try to randomly submit wishlist bugs for 6 packages to bts with
> the tag "patch" pointing to the dehs site or attaching the watch file to
> the bug.
> Almost all of this bug was closed and the watch file was check (in some
> cases fixed) and inserted in the package on the next upload. 

So, you got the way to go. Please go ahead and submit those 6229 bugs.
Providing a patch *is* an alternative method. We did the same sort of
wishlish bug mass filling with the transition from raw debconf to
po-debconf. We had less packages to bug, though.

It represents an insane amount of work, but it's the way to go, I guess.
What's useless is to fill the bug without the patches, but if you write the
watch file for the people, nobody should complain.

Good luck, Mt.

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