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Re: dehs will stop

Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> > > I had try to randomly submit wishlist bugs for 6 packages to bts with
> > > the tag "patch" pointing to the dehs site or attaching the watch file to
> > > the bug.
> > > Almost all of this bug was closed and the watch file was check (in some
> > > cases fixed) and inserted in the package on the next upload. 
> > 
> > So, you got the way to go. Please go ahead and submit those 6229 bugs.
> NO!
> Do *not* file 6229 bugs about the same subject. Never.

Why not? As wishlist bugs with patch this seems sensible to me.

> Adding a watchfile is up to the maintainer. It's a feature offered to
> maintainers, they can use it if the wish. If a watchfile for a package
> makes sense (for quite some packages it doesn't) I think it's useful.

If upstream doesn't publish tarballs, e.g. In this case there won't be
a meaningful patch for a watchfile. In any case it's up to the
maintainer to decide about its inclusion. I believe most of them will
accept such a patch.


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