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Re: Let's remove mips, mipsel, s390, ...

Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> writes:

> [Pierre Habouzit]
>> > As far as mirror bandwidth goes (including end user bandwidth *from*
>> > the mirrors), that's a problem for rsync/zsync to solve.
>> 1- binary backages do not have the same name (so rsync/apt-get are lost)
> It's still a problem for rsync/zsync to solve.  I didn't mean to say
> they had already solved it.  zsync already seems to be moving in the
> direction of application-specific hacks - I don't see why "call an
> external script to produce a list of files to check the checksums
> against" should not be one such hack.  Since zsync (unlike rsync) does
> all the heavy lifting on the receiving side, this seems very feasible.

Apt-get knows the old filename (in its cache) and the new one. It also
knows about the relationship (old version / new version). "All" it has
to do is use the old file as template.

>> 2- if you build them for real, they won't be exactly the same (think
>>    of /usr/share/doc/your-package/changelog.Debian.gz e.g.)

Think of compiler doing optimisation with random heuristics producing
different code each time. Or differen compiler revisions creating
different code.


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