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Re: all new Debian diagram - now with less chaos!

also sprach Kevin Mark <kmark+debian-devel@pipeline.com> [2005.02.15.1314 +0100]:
> > b. Developers do not tag bugs, they sign packages. Is that what you
> >    meant? Also, note that at the moment, most only sign source
> >    packages and binary uploads, not the binary packages themselves.
> NACK. you lost me. this is a gap in my knowlege. 
> differentiate source package, binary upload, and binary package.

source package: dsc + (diff) + orig.tar.gz
binary package: deb
source upload: changes + list of files therein

> where do they go?

all to incoming.

> what do developers do?

twiddle our thumbs?

nah, we turn software into debian packages by debianising them, and
then using dpkg-genchanges to create the changes file. Please read
its manpage, in particular about the -sa, -sd, and -si options to
see which files the changes file will list.

the upload consists of the source package and the binary package,
unless the debian revision is greater than 1, in which case the
orig.tar.gz file is not included.

> > h. There are more rules as to when packages migrate from unstable to
> >    testing.
> ACK. I'm not familar with all possibilities and also not sure how much
> space it would take to include it. maybe a 'subprocess' box?

you could just say "meets requirements for testing"

> > i. You use both meanings of "priority" (changelog and control)
> >    without making it clear which one is meant.
> NACK. I only used this word once in referense to high, medium, low
> migration of packages from unstable to testing.

yes, and as someone else pointed out, this should be urgency. sorry,
i thought you used it elsewhere too.

> > To get our graphs onto www.debian.org, I assume we file bugs against
> > that pseudo-package.
> there is an existing package that could include these? or to make an
> ITP?

www.debian.org is a pseudo package:


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