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Re: all new Debian diagram - now with less chaos!

On Tue, Feb 15, 2005 at 11:24:18AM +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> Great work! I am glad to see you got down with dia; I love that
> tool. Here are some comments:

Its cool that it exports to xfig as a way to use both tools.

> a. I am not sure what the "process realm" is.

ACK. renamed it.

> b. Developers do not tag bugs, they sign packages. Is that what you
>    meant? Also, note that at the moment, most only sign source
>    packages and binary uploads, not the binary packages themselves.

NACK. you lost me. this is a gap in my knowlege. 
differentiate source package, binary upload, and binary package.
where do they go?
what do developers do?
who creates source package, binary uploads and binary pacakges?

> c. Upstream is not really a repository, is it?

ACK. changed it.

> d. I am missing the link between buildd and unstable. They get the
>    orig.tar.gz from unstable for any uploads in incoming that do
>    not include the tarball.
> e. I think it's "M. Schulze", not Shultze.


> f. Sven's name has an Umlaut; here, to cut-n-paste: Müller

ACK. I still dont know how to fiddle with keymaps, input methods or such
things to get these!

> g. "users processes" should be "users' processes", though I think
>    you may want to use another word. Like plain "users" or "user
>    systems" may be better.


> h. There are more rules as to when packages migrate from unstable to
>    testing.

ACK. I'm not familar with all possibilities and also not sure how much
space it would take to include it. maybe a 'subprocess' box?

> i. You use both meanings of "priority" (changelog and control)
>    without making it clear which one is meant.

NACK. I only used this word once in referense to high, medium, low
migration of packages from unstable to testing.

> j. "updates propagate", not "updates propagates". I know you are
>    talking about the collection, but it sounds weird.


> That's it for now.
> To get our graphs onto www.debian.org, I assume we file bugs against
> that pseudo-package.

there is an existing package that could include these? or to make an

Someone in the 'eyecatcher' project said these may be helpful.

> Let me know when you are ready, then we can
> submit one bug report together.


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