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Re: list what's in the NEW queue?

Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> > Always build packages for uploads in a clean environment (a fresh
> > chroot if nothing else is available).
> I absolutely agree. But it still doesn't have to be 100% problem-free 
> (letting buildd build all packages on all archs for distribution would 
> still be preferred, IMO). 
> For instance, the issue with nvidia and building gl apps I mentioned: I 
> have a sid chroot (debootstrap) on my sarge desktop machine which uses 
> the nvidia driver. Trying to start X in the chroot with the normal nv 
> driver failed due to nvidia already being loaded on that machine (I 
> forget what the exact errors were - it's a while ago now).

Then use another chroot, only for package builds. This will also catch
missing build-deps better.


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