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Re: list what's in the NEW queue?

On Friday 04 February 2005 15:59, Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> [snip]
> > > Always build packages for uploads in a clean environment (a fresh
> > > chroot if nothing else is available).
> >
> > I absolutely agree. But it still doesn't have to be 100%
> > problem-free (letting buildd build all packages on all archs for
> > distribution would still be preferred, IMO).
> >
> > For instance, the issue with nvidia and building gl apps I
> > mentioned: I have a sid chroot (debootstrap) on my sarge desktop
> > machine which uses the nvidia driver. Trying to start X in the
> > chroot with the normal nv driver failed due to nvidia already being
> > loaded on that machine (I forget what the exact errors were - it's
> > a while ago now).
> Then use another chroot, only for package builds. This will also
> catch missing build-deps better.

True. Like I said, I'm not saying there's no work-arounds for what I 
experienced. My point is merely that I think in the end it is better to 
let the buildd do all build for all archs. I.e. we continue current way 
of uploading, but buildd will rebuild the uploaded bin (most often x86 
I guess) to ensure a proper build in a clean env - just like you 
suggested in your previous respons.
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