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Re: list what's in the NEW queue?

Re: Frederik Dannemare in <[🔎] 200502041544.10472.frederik@dannemare.net>
> For instance, the issue with nvidia and building gl apps I mentioned: I 
> have a sid chroot (debootstrap) on my sarge desktop machine which uses 
> the nvidia driver. Trying to start X in the chroot with the normal nv 
> driver failed due to nvidia already being loaded on that machine (I 
> forget what the exact errors were - it's a while ago now). Thus, in 
> order to have a useable X in my chroot (I need it for various reasons), 

Isn't it enough to chroot there and say DISPLAY=localhost:0? (You
might have to turn on tcp listening if you don't want to use ssh
X11 forwarding or similar.)

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