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Re: list what's in the NEW queue?

Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> I surely hope they would still do so. Another option could simply be to 
> proceed with the current way of uploading - but then let the buildd 
> rebuild the uploaded binary. Or is that somehow not feasible?

Actually, requiring a binary upload _plus_ rebuilding it would be
better, it allows to compare the packages and warn if the results
are too different. (It's a warning, not an error, because version
skew of build-deps and build-essential packages can introduce some

> As of right now it is troublesome to build e.g. gl stuff as a maintainer 
> if you are using the nvidia drivers on your system. I'm sure there are 
> many, many other scenarios to choose from.

Always build packages for uploads in a clean environment (a fresh
chroot if nothing else is available).


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