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Re: scripts to download porn in Debian?

Wim De Smet <wdesmet@yucom.be> wrote:

> I'm not really in favour for this proposal but would you at least read
> the rest off the thread. Splitting the packages off makes it easier for
> the person responsible for installing packages (i.e. the one with root)
> to decide what goes and what doesn't. Specifically in this case it
> allows the parent to install dosage for his kids, but without options to
> download more sensitive material.

Rest assured, we are in full agreement here. I was just pointing out
that it has the side effect of making sensitive material more visible,
which shows how weak the argument "if the package is split, I'll be able
to prevent my kids from seeing p0rn" is (except under extreme, hopefully
clearly undesirable conditions exemplified in my previous mail).

> Doesn't pertain to this proposal, and in any case that hot-babe thread
> has enough discussion on the subject.

If it doesn't, then the above argument in favor of the split is moot,
IMO. Anyway, I don't care much whether there is or isn't a split,
personally. Good luck.


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