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Re: scripts to download porn in Debian?

Tristan Seligmann <mithrandi@mithrandi.za.net> wrote:

> Firing up a normal web browser to view Sexy Losers with is not much
> harder than using Dosage to download it. This doesn't take away from the
> idea of having a separate package, of course.

If the trend to put "unsuitable material" in -off packages arises
enough, it won't take kids ages to master
"grep-available -Pe -s Package '.*-off$'", methinks. IMO, this
half-assed proposal will have exactly the opposite effect of what its
proponents are purportedly trying to achieve: it will facilitate the
Quest For Unsuitable Material.

If you add the other, hidden half of the proposal, which was brought up
in the hot-babe thread, i.e. creating special versions of the Debian CDs
with controversial contents removed and lock you kids forever in the
computer room without Internet access, then you have won; you might as
well chop their head off, which has always been a very efficient way to
prevent people from seeing porn. Otherwise, they will find a place with
Internet access and download the -off packages (they might even report
bugs so that -off becomes an official task for easier access).


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